Adam Castle [ManyVids] - Guy Gives Little Step-Bro A Fart JOI


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Good evening little step-bro, I notice you been looking at me funny? You want to fuck my ass?! No! Disgusting! I'm your step-bro and I am not gay. However, I do have something you will equally enjoy: FART! Yeah, I fart in your sorry pathetic ass face little step-bro. FART! Oops I did it again! Yeah you love the sweet dirty farts and jerk off to them. Just jerk off to my ass in board-shorts and to my farts knowing you won't fuck my ass. Here we go: FART! Keep jacking off and jacking off, FART! Oh you finally came from the farts of your step-bro! You are one sick ass fuck, little queer ass step-bro!!! Tags: TABOO, STEP-BROS, POV GAY, BOARD-SHORTS, MALE DOMINATION, ALPHA MALE, TEASE, MOCK, TAUNT, ASS TEASE, ASS SHAKE, GAY JOI, DIRTY TALKING, ASMR, FART SOUNDS, Size:

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