BabesAndBandits [ManyVids] - Sunday DnD Game 5.1


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For this campaign we are experimenting with a new DM! AJ was previously playing with us but now he steps into the role of Dungeon Master for the rest of our campaign. Because we are playing with a new DM this episode is out of the timeline of the previous episodes. We camp out around a premade campsite with 3 big tents. Kieyanna Poppet takes first watch. Shortly after she sees a drow coming towards her. He looks injured so Kieyanna and Bloo take him into a tent while Kyro stays outside watching. He tricks us and casts a spell of darkness over the tent. All of a sudden a bunch of Kobalts attack the other tents trying to steal all of our stuff! After a long and grueling battle we manage to defeat 9 of them and loot their bodies., Size:

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