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Now dear, the doctor gave very specific instructions about how to stop you grinding your teeth while you rest. He said you have to suck gently on something for at least 30 minutes before you go to bed to relax the muscles in your jaw. Now, I've been thinking about that and I want to supervise to make sure you complete the whole 30 minutes. No slacking! In fact, I've been thinking about what you could suck on - you're a little too old for a pacifier now, but something soft and pleasant would be just what the doctor ordered. My tits, for example. Now dear, don't be so embarrassed - it's been a few years since you last sucked on my big soft tits, but it won't exactly be the first time! Now, come here and sit beside M0mmy. Mmm, that's right... boy you do seem to be enjoying that! The bulge in your pants is a giveaway. In fact... mmmm, yeah. I'm quite enjoying that too. I do love having my tits sucked. You know what honey, why don't you just unzip your pants and jerk yourself off? I can tell you want to. Besides, there's nothing wrong with it if we're both cumming..., Size:

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