Deanna Deadly [ManyVids] - Caught Smelling Stinky Sneakers


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DUE TO THE DISCOUNT THIS CLIP IS ONLY AVAILABLE AS STREAMING FROM MANY VIDS! BUY FROM ONE OF MY OTHER STORES FOR A DOWNLOADABLE VERSION! YOUR WELCOME! Full clip title "POV Caught Smelling Stinky Sneakers MP4 Humiliated and Made to Jerk for Deanna " Clip is 9 1/2 mins long. No nudity. Filmed on my new camera so great quality!!  "Ewwww What a loser! I caught you sniffing my smelly sneakers!!! Im def going to tell EVERYONE at school about this! Your willing to do whatever I say so I dont tell on you? hahaha Ok...You will regret it though." "NOW that I have my shoes on...Worship my stinky converse. Smell my stinky shoes! KISS IT! Now lick my shoe....Dont pretend like you hate it hahaha. YOU get off on dirty shoes! and you have a boner! hahahahah." "Now sniff the inside of my shoe. I want your entire face inside my shoe! What is ACTUALLY wrong with you??? How does this get you off? NOW...You see the perfect hole on the bottom of my very worn Converse? Do you know what Im going to make you do with it....? Well, You've never kissed a girl so...." -POV CAUGHT SMELLING DEANNA'S SMELLY CONVERSE -DEANNA LAUGHS AT YOU AND YOUR FETISH -PUTTING SHOES ON -SNEAKER/CONVERSE WORSHIP -MASTURBATION HUMILIATION -POV MADE TO WORSHIP, LICK AND KISS DEANNAS SMELLY AND DIRTY CONVERSE -POV MADE TO MAKEOUT WITH DEANNAS DIRTY SNEAKERS -POV MADE TO JERK OFF WITH DIRTY SNEAKERS -REDHEAD HUMILIATES AND LAUGHS AT YOU AND YOUR DIRTY SHOE SMELLING FETISH -VIRGIN HUMILIATION, Size:

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