Deanna Deadly [ManyVids] - Worship my Goddess Calves


Download Deanna Deadly - Worship my Goddess Calves
Available as stream only on MV. Pay full price on other sites to be able to download 7 Minute and 3 Second MP4 clip. Contains some quick crotch shots. CLIP INCLUDES: -CALVES -CALF MUSCLE FETISH -LOTS OF TOE POINTING -FLEXING -STRETCHING -LEGS -MUSCULAR LEGS -BAREFOOT -HIGHLY ARCHED FEET Redhead Deanna is sitting on the floor with her bare legs and bare feet showing them off for you... "I know how much you love my legs, The curve of my legs, How milky white they are..." "You cant jack off to anything but my legs nowadays huh? Your obsession is almost getting out of hand...The second I post a new video of my legs you buy it! It doesnt matter If your out with your family, or at work!" "These legs OWN YOU and you just cant get enough of them. These legs could fuck up your life! These legs have sooo much power...but especially over you. I could get you to do anything to be near my legs huh? Even just to be in the same room as them." "You dream about these CALVES dont you? Every single night...Dream about me FLEXING them for you? Letting you touch them?" "Would you be able to contain yourself if you were allowed to touch these PERFECT CALVES? You'd love to feel how STRONG they are huh?" "What would be the point in living If you werent able to see these glorious calves and legs? ", Size:

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