Dusk Films [ManyVids] - TRAILER Nerd Pervert S03E08 Devon Breeze


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Devon Breeze - Cum Slut Wife I love a night out, well I say night but really its just over to Tony or Craig’s house, if Spazy Caz lets Craig that is. We have a few beers, watch a few movies, and maybe play some Xbox. Basically I spend the whole time telling the guys which sluts have been through my door or which pornstars I have fucked. Yep any excuse to talking about hammering pussy and I take it. The lads lap it up, as one is single and the other is practically married to a bitch who always bosses him about, so to them I am their hero and I like it that way. That’s what we usually do, but today I was late going out, as I got distracted. When I say distracted I mean, you try saying no to Devon Breeze when she wants cock. The short answer is you can’t for two reasons. 1 because when she wants your cock she is getting it and 2, its Devon and I know how good she sucks cock and there’s always time for a quick blowjob. Today was one of those days. The first time I met her she was doing her day job and threatening to fine me if I didn’t fuck her, long story watch the first part. Today I found out she was married, yes married and she was on her to meet her husband who was cooking a meal for her because it was their wedding anniversary. Yes you heard it right, and she was still coming to suck my cock. She had the urge to suck another mans cock and she was passing my house. I’m not religious but praise The lord that I am on her way home. I’d already fucked her hard up the arse and remember how good she was at sucking dick so I let her fall to her knees and just get my fucking rod out. I had no idea if she does this a lot, or if this was a first time, but as soon as she locked her lips around my cock, I remembered how you always have time for a blowjob off Devon. She spits, she slurps, she sucks on your balls, she tit wanks you and even deep throats. What more is there to do really. Scarlet came down stairs ready to go out as we were still stood near the front door with Devon’s mouth round my cock and Scarlet got roped into filming it. Once we got into the living room those tits where on display and we were away, she knows how to build you up until you shoot all over her face and after her blowjobs you certainly shoot a lot as she works you up so good. Lets hope a few times a week Devon stops by to satisfy her cock craving, as mine is always available., Size:

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