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Wanna see the full clip? www.manyvids.com/Video/2713798/Best-Friend-Swallows-and-Digests-You/ Your best friend and you are hanging out again and she talks about how fun things used to be, she felt like she could tell you anything! She wants to confide in you again.. so she tells you about a HUGE fantasy she has about swallowing you..! Yup. She wants to eat and digest you! She tricks you into agreeing and then teases you while you're inside her stomach, rubbing and patting her belly. After awhile she giggles at the predicament you'll be in when she pushes you out of her ass! tags shrinking giantess best friend taboo vore shrink giant mouth teeth swallow belly tummy stomach eat eating digesting chew food people tiny little shrunk mean brat trap trick tricked growling spanking asshole toilet fetish fart, Size:

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