Faye Taylor [ManyVids] - ABU Barebum diaper in the street


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I’m walking round a city in the beautiful sunshine. I’m wearing a pink jumper, a black belt, a white shirt tied around my waist, a black and white skirt, my shapely legs are bare, and on my cute little feet I have on some pretty socks and my grey pumps. Underneath my skirt is something else that’s beautiful…a crinkly ABU Barebum Whilst I’m sitting on a wall, I can’t resist hitching up my dress slightly to expose my ABU Barebum to the breeze. I gently run my fingertips over the surface, savouring that lovely plastic feel, and when I stand up and continue my walk, I keep my skirt lifted up so that the ABU Barebum remains on show It’s catching the sunlight beautifully and looks ever so shiny, and when I take a seat on the concrete steps of a building, I adore how it compresses and bunches together I squat down in the entranceway to the building, and then I strike some poses, and it gives me a big thrill to know that someone might exit the building and catch me at any moment! But as you know, once I start being cheeky, it’s very hard for me to stop, Size:

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