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I’m in my bedroom and I’m in a very naughty mood I’m wearing a very light and skimpy blue dress, and my shapely legs and my cute little feet are bare. Even though my bed is made, and is looking nice and comfortable, I’m sat next to it on the hard wooden floor, because I have something very cheeky in mind…I’ve decided to do an upside down wetting! When I’m feeling hot under the collar, I love to add intriguing twists to my wettings, as they really give me a thrill And it just so happens that my bladder is full to the brim, and I’m raring to go I lay back on the bedroom floor, and using the side of the bed as support, I lift up my legs and bring them up and over me, so that I’m in an upside down position…it’s a good job I’m nice and flexible! And straight away the bottom of my dress has fallen down to reveal the sexy pink panties I’m wearing. But now comes the really exciting part. I let my bladder empty, and immediately a lovely warm stream bursts out through my panties and falls down onto me! Because of the position I’m in, there’s only one way for my release to go, and that’s downwards, all over my chest and into my clean silky hair. The whole thing feels completely exhilarating, and when my release starts splashing onto my face as well, I feel like I’m going to burst with pleasure. That’s what I call a facial with a difference I can feel a puddle forming underneath me on the bedroom floor, which soaks my hair even more, and when I’m finally finished and I sit up, my dress is absolutely soaking and is positively sticking to my skin. My mascara has run too, and I’m so wet that it actually looks like I’ve been swimming somewhere with my clothes on I never realised that gravity could be so much fun, Size:

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