Faye Taylor [ManyVids] - DC Amor inside diaper rewetting leaking


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I’m in my bedroom, I’m soggy, and my bladder needs another go I’m wearing a pink jumper, a knee length pair of blue and white socks, and I’m tightly strapped into a very wet DC Amor. I get onto my haunches and give my crotch a cheeky squeeze, savouring the squelching sensations coming from my DC Amor My bladder really needs emptying again, so I decide to do something rather cheeky…I hold the camera extremely close to my crotch, undo one of the straps, and hitch the DC Amor across so that you can actually see inside! I open the floodgates, and a hot release spills into the partially open DC Amor, but because it isn’t sealed up properly, the liquid leaks out all over the floor! My bladder feels wonderful, and the hissing noises of the release entering the plastic are beautiful, but I’m making a huge puddle by my feet Will I paddle around in the puddle when I’ve finished spraying? What do you think?, Size:

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