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I’m relaxing in my apartment with an extremely full bladder I’m wearing a cropped purple t-shirt, an adorable pair of My Little Pony leggings, and my cute little feet are bare. Underneath my leggings I have on a very tight Goodnites. I pull my leggings down to reveal my Goodnites, and I can’t resist running my hands over the smooth surface to admire the beautiful texture I take off my leggings, and by now I’m so desperate to go that I just can’t stop the flow that’s coming! A warm stream pours into my Goodnites, filling it slowly and steadily, and you can actually see the plastic changing shape as it takes on more and more liquid! It’s getting heavier too, and when I’m finished I strike some cheeky poses to enjoy the bulkiness and the squelching I have an urge to grab the crotch, but the whole thing is so full of warm liquid that the Goodnites starts to leak all over the place! Now my fingers are wet, and my shapely legs as well! This would be a perfect time to put my leggings back on, and keep everything sealed inside…which is exactly what I do, Size:

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