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It’s a lovely day and I’m out walking in the countryside. I’m wearing a black top, a pink shirt over the top, a pair of khaki trousers, and on my cute little feet I have on a pair of cream coloured high heels. As I stand next to a metal gate, I take off my shirt and then strike some cheeky poses, and all the while I can feel the pressure on my full bladder steadily building. I start walking along the public footpath, when all at once a powerful squirt erupts from me and seeps into my khaki trousers! A big wet stain appears on the crotch area, and the light colour of the khaki trousers really shows it up I carry on walking slowly as I’m spraying, and to my delight I can feel my release running down the insides of my legs! When I’m finished, I squat down by the gate and show off my saturated trousers…I can’t help but wonder if anyone will come along and catch me, Size:

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