FFeZine [ManyVids] - Girl Caught in the Hay Field


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Pretty stupid girl in pretty dress and wellies, wanders into the hay field and starts to masturbate in the late evening sun. Then the farmer comes and makes her carry on while he films her making her take her panties off for him and telling her to call him 'Daddy' He licks her out tasting her sweet juicy cunt drives him wild, so he turns her around and fucks her tight pink hole as she holds onto the plastic wrapped hay bale for support. Then he lifts her onto it taking a good look at the younger trespasser, before licking her out again. Then he makes her get down and suck his old sweaty cock till its all wet with her throat juice, getting it good and ready for her tight cunt again. He makes her lie down in the straw with her legs open then gets on to pushing his old cock deep into her then finally takes her deep and slow 'doggy style' unloading into her then making her stand up to watch his creamy spunk dribble out, Size:

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