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Oh, you’re up finally! Gosh, we’ve been having so much fun over here. You were really missing out. You’ve gotta be wondering what happened. I’m here to teach you a lesson. And let me guess, what did you do to deserve being all strapped down like you are? Think back. Come on.

Hint: Sexual harassment. Regularly. No consequences. Tacky behavior from the face of the company. Not so surprising I suppose, being that most hot shots are chauvinist scum. However, we don’t need to get into all that. You know exactly who you are.

This is going to be a painfully FATTENING lesson for you. In role-reversal fertility. I’ve pumped you full of estrogen. It’s why you’re crying so much right now. I’ve genetically altered you to have this wildly enormous fertile pussy. And oh! Lookie what I did! I gave myself a genetically altered massive female sperm producer! To work so well with your enormous fertile pussy, of course. I’m so ready to plant my seed!

And look, the whole team is here to watch! You must be so embarrassed. Alright Team, everybody gather around - keep your eyes on this! It’s a thing of scientific wonder to be seen! A man being impregnated by a woman! This just takes a bit of time here. It needs some insertion. Pulling out. Well, it’s like a real cock. I’m not sure you knew too much about how to use yours properly. Just wanting to educate.

I’m going to fill your enormous pussy up totally and impregnate you. And then, in a few months, we’ll have to check back in and see how you’re doing. I just bet you’ll be in for a real treat when you get to the peak of this! These balls are just so full - you’re feeling all that hot, creamy spunk blasting your pussy walls now, huh?!, Size:

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