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You took a hot redhead out for some and burritos and now you ended up back at her place. As soon as you get in she starts letting out crazy loud beer belches, laughing and apologizing as she waves away the stink of it. You should be grossed out by the repeated burps but the way she's so open about it turns you on and when she invites you to the bedroom you just can't resist. She sits on the bed and teases you, talking about her burps while they slip out in between. The sighs of relief after have got your cock twitching in your pants and it's not long before she pulls it out and gets to sucking. You feel her hot mouth, light suction and her tongue swirling around until - She belches again, right on the head of your dick. She waves it off and continues, but you're not about to complain. The vibrations feel amazing when she burps and works her mouth along the shaft. It won't be long until you're cumming all over her tongue. I was working on a burp and fart custom when I decided to film this. The position I was sitting on my bed for it was perfect for a POV bj. Had a lot of fun with this! I've never purposefully burped on a dick, it definitely happens when I'm gagging though. I gag a few times here. Tags: Redhead, pawg, big ass, big booty, big butts, curvy, thick, burps, burping, girl burps, belching, belch, date, POV, bj, blowjob, gagging, burp gag, Size:

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