[ManyVids] Adam Castle - Werewolf Teabag Given To Pansy Roommate


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What in the fuck are you doing watching me while I was laying down playing with myself? You thought I was a homo? No, no, no! I don't appreciate you checking me out while I was relaxing too. I got something to show you: I snap my fingers and I become a werewolf. Feel scared don't you pansy roommate? You'll never have me but I want you to be on your knees. Look up at me and suck my hairy balls! Feel the scrotum of a man you'll never fuck. You'll never suck my cock! Just my hairy werewolf balls. Keep on sucking them and you are lucky I did not tear you apart as a werewolf. I can control myself. Suck my balls and jerk off real well to it. Play with your fairy fuck ass cock to a wild man's balls. Stroke it! Stroke it real well! Jerk off until you cum after flossing your teeth with my hair on balls! HOWL!!! Tags: POV GAY, POV MALE, MALE DOMINATION, TRANSFORMATION FANTASY, LYCAN, MONSTER, WEREWOLF, HORROR, HALLOWEEN, MASK FETISH, CHUBBY, HAIRY CHEST, BEAR, TEABAG POV, TEABAG JOI, BALL SUCK POV, BALL SUCK JOI, VERBAL HUMILIATION, BALLS, DIRTY TALK, TEASE, TAUNT, MEAN, PANSY, Size: 661.16 MB

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