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In this Episode we introduce a new character joining us! Alethra, played by Jade Northbrook, is a human druid. After discovering Jorzu's body we head back to fae and out of the deeps. After his funeral we plan on going to see Rock Thug and discover some very interesting patterns with the roads in this town and overall in Frostgate. Rock is helping clean up after a battle and we go to the temple with him. Kyro notices that Rock has the same ring that Jorzu had and head over to the cultists camp outside of town. As the camp splits up we split up as well hoping to surround one group but Kyro gets lost a little bit. We confuse the group causing one to believe Al is his friend and another to start punching his friends. We defeat the group and capture one questioning him about why the attack stopped so suddenly. We plan to go back to Frostgate and see the king about what is going on., Size: 4.7 GB

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