[ManyVids] BabesAndBandits - Sunday DnD game 32.1


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n this episode Reaper and Gale are joining us, along with one of our regulars, Gurdeck! We head back to town after defeating the giants and discover that when Bloo pulled his sword out on the gnome he was actually threatening a king! He must go to trial and meet before a tribunal. After the meeting, we are assigned to go into the giant's land and bring back 3 books, which only Kyro can carry. Inside the enclave we find a man magically taken over by the books who has summed the giants! We defeat..him and the giants in a quick battle! we rest up and Kyro is awoken by Reaper trying to steal the books. Kyro starts fighting her and then Bloo and Reaper fight for a long while. The rest of the group either rests or is trying not to get too involved in their argument., Size: 4.3 GB

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