[ManyVids] Claudia Kink - Rejected by a Domme


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You arrive for an appointment with a dominatrix, very excited. You have always wanted to be bent over and fucked, made to take a woman's cock. You arrive and notice with horror that the dominatrix is looking at you with something like pity. "Hmmm, I expected you to be a little taller. As tall as a real man if I am being honest" says Mistress Claudia. She sneers at you, pointing out that she is well over a foot taller than you in her heels. She tells you that you are simply too short for this to work "unless you brought a box to stand on", she adds. Humiliated and rejected by a domme, she sends you away, still laughing to herself about a shrimpy man like you thinking you could be worthy of her attention., Size: 44.43 MB

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femdom humiliation height humiliation