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Feat. Dacey Harlot & Roxie Rae Roxie and Dacey were outside practicing their Roller Skating, Roxie got new skates and needed to break them in! Roxie was going pretty fast when she tripped, slamming her weight down on top of her Left Ankle! Thankfully Dacey was there, she helped Roxie get her skates off so she could lean on her as she hopped inside. The scene enters as Dacey and Roxie come inside, Dacey has the skates in her hand, and Roxie on her other arm. Roxie is in intense pain as she limps, hobbles, and hops her hurt Left Ankle over to the couch. Dacey props Roxie's ankle up on a pillow and removes the sock slowly to examine it. It may not be broken, but it's Definitely Sprained badly. Dacey has some supplies for a hurt ankle and she leaves the scene briefly to grab them as Roxie winces in pain and describes what she's feeling. Dacey returns with an Ice Pack, An Ace Bandage, and An AirCast. She helps soothe with the ice pack, wraps up Roxies Left Ankle, and secures the AirCast to her Ankle. It's well supported but still hurting!! The ice helps with the swelling, but the throbbing pain is constant. Dacey remembers an old wives tale, something she had done for her when she sprained her ankle once, Roxie reluctantly agrees to try it out! Dacey gently licks and kisses her wrapped toes until roxie is feeling much, much better!!, Size: 836.19 MB

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