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I love being involved in fitness and the competitions but the stupid poses get me every time. I feel so stupid having to stand and strike a pose. Can't the judges already see how super strong I am and totally tight? Maybe you can help me with these poses. Tell me which ones show off my muscles the best. Hey, I know what would make my muscles look better, if I rub some glycerin on them to make them shine. I'll rub some shine on my biceps and pecs so you can get an idea of what the judges will see. This feels kind of good to rub this on my skin. I like how shiny I look right now. Hey, what is that? Are you getting a bulge in your pants from watching me rub shine on myself? That's a little weird don't you think? You're getting turned on by watching your step-sister rub her muscles? I didn't think fit looking girls turned you on. You certainly don't date girls who look anything like me. I guess I'm kind of flattered that you find me attractive in that way. Say, our parents probably won't be home for a while so what about you and me have a little fun with this left over glycerin on my hands? I know what else I can rub and make shiny. Go ahead a lie down for me. I can get my arms a little pumped up while cranking your cock, that way you can really see how great my muscles look for this upcoming competition. I can understand that b l o od rushing into your muscle. It turns me on to think about muscles becoming engorged. I want to see your big muscle that is growing for me. Oh wow brother, that is quite a large a cock! Have you ever been touched by a girl this way? Probably not, I bet a girl hasn't ever fucked your cock with her bicep either. You like to see your cock in my arm muscles? Looks pretty fucken hot doesn't it? I may not have the biggest tits but I could also titty fuck that big dick of yours. Since you're almost naked for me its only fair I get naked for you. What turns you on the most brother, seeing the girls in these competitions in their little tiny bikinis or seeing me in front of you taking mine off, just for you. Would you like my tiny bikini bottom wrapped around that dick of yours? Oh you like that a lot! What if I jacked you off with my strong thigh muscles? I'm so damn horny from all this working out yet I have to reserve my strength for the competition so I can't have sex, which really sucks. At least playing with you like this lets me get some of my sexual side out of me. Which muscle of mine do you want to make shiny with your hot cum? You want it on my bicep? Go ahead and let it go for me little brother. Oh wow, look at that! Now I have something else to make my bicep look better, your jizz! Starring: Cheyenne Jewel, Size: 217.21 MB

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