Download [ManyVids] Faith Eros - MUSLIM SISSY PAD CHASTITY - PREVIEW
Hey, you BRAT! Who ALLOWED you to wear my UNDIES? For how long have you been stealing my UNDERWEAR and MAKE-UP? You perfectly know it that it's a HARAM to be a SISSY SLUT! I will blab it out to our PARENTS! Oh, stop begging me ... NOT to tell. I will TELL! But you know ... perhaps you are right. I have a different PUNISHMENT for you - I will lock you up in a SISSY PAD. Hahaha ... stop crying! Let me snap those PATHETIC LOSER pics of you. You are so hilarious! I still don't understand how somebody so FUGLY as you are can be my BRO. I think they SWITCHED you in a HOSPITAL Ok, listen up girly you ... next time we can SHOP for FEMALE UNDIES together. You can PRETEND that you are buying those for your lil sis. Anyways, as you LOVE being a girl you will have to get used wearing pads. Don't try to STEAL it from me! You will have to buy your own pads. Hahaha ... don't try to THREATEN me that you will tell parents what a HOE I'm. Yup, I've seen a lot of DICKS and yours is the TINIEST one so far. What a small WILLY ... it looks like a CLITTY! FULL video is available here www.manyvids.com/Video/2775034/MUSLIM-SISSY-PAD-CHASTITY/ OR here www.manyvids.com/Video/2775101/MUSLIM-SISSY-PAD-CHASTITY-LOSER-PRICE/, Size: 157.15 MB

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