Download [ManyVids] Faith Eros - SLAVE PAPARAZZI - PREVIEW
As I have already mentioned before all my slaves have to work for me as my PRIVATE PHOTOGRAPHERS. Hahaha ... you have to FOLLOW me everywhere with a CAMERA like a PAPARAZZI. I need at least 1000 PICTURES a day. It shouldn't be that complicated for you, slavy! You can make pictures and videos of me while having your CHASTITY DEVICE on. Of course, you can be NAKED in front of your GODDESS FAITH EROS. I'm NUDITY POSITIVE! I try myself as much as possible to stay NUDE. Do you think you are too UGLY to showcase your BODY? Well, believe me I won't even NOTICE you. Because I'm a STAR and you are NOBODY! You are just a slave-papa-paparazzi. And as my BIGGEST FAN I will slowly make you PAY for things. You will start PAYING MY BILLS! And if you don't have a camera - GO and grab one at the store using your CREDIT CARD to pay. Even if you have to MAX it OUT - I don't really give a FUCK! My PUSSY is so JUICY but you ain't getting NONE cuz your JOB is to work HARD. I LOVE those FAT PAPARAZZI WALLETS! FULL VIDEO is available here www.manyvids.com/Video/2859240/SLAVE-PAPARAZZI/ or here www.manyvids.com/Video/2859322/SLAVE-PAPARAZZI--CHEAP-LOSER-PRICE/, Size: 162.97 MB

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