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I’m late for an important appointment at the bank, and I’ve gone and locked myself inside my apartment! I’m wearing a sexy black top, a tight pair of pale blue jeans, and on my cute little feet I have on an elegant pair of black high heels. I’m just about to leave for my meeting, when the door handle suddenly jams, trapping me inside. I try my best to get out, but it’s no use, the lock is jammed…and what’s more, my full bladder is now really starting to strain! I make a phone call to the bank to awkwardly explain the situation, and because I’m so desperate, I’m hopping around from one foot to the other. They agree to postpone the appointment, but only by 5 minutes, as they don’t have any other slots available. I call a locksmith, who says he can be there in ten minutes time, but I have no idea what he’s going to think if he finds me soaking wet! This is so embarrassing. I wriggle and squirm and hold on for as long as I can, but the pressure is just too much, and a hot stream spills out into my tight jeans as I’m standing by my locked door. I gasp as my release runs down the insides of my legs towards the floor, and the light colour of the denim means that the stains are completely obvious and in no way can they be hidden! And because I’m in high heels and the floor is now so slippery, I lose my footing and end up sat in the puddle I’ve just made, getting even wetter. This is all too much. What ever am I going to do?, Size: 765.96 MB

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