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I’m super excited because my gorgeous friend Lucy Lauren is staying with me in my apartment I’m wearing a My Little Pony t-shirt, my shapely legs are bare, on my cute little feet I have on a pair of yellow socks, and I’m snugly strapped into a crinkly Tena Slip Maxi. Lucy Lauren is wearing a yellow t-shirt, her tanned legs are also bare, she has on a cute pair of pink socks, and she is fastened into a lovely Bambino. We have built a den in the living room, and because Lucy Lauren loves the sea, we have decorated it in an underwater theme! We have put in some thick blankets and cushions to make ourselves really comfy, and now that we have finished building the den, we feel completely exhausted! We are laid down side by side with our eyes closed, and have allowed ourselves to drift off peacefully But my bladder is full to the brim, and I am feeling so relaxed and care free that it opens right there in the den, all by itself I’m vaguely aware of a powerful warm stream spilling out into my Tena Slip Maxi, and the soggy feel of what is happening makes me even more relaxed and tension free I switch positions so that you get a great view of my padded bum, and Lucy Lauren has her hand gently resting on her crotch as well! It’s obvious that we are both loving our time in our den, Size: 586.97 MB

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