[ManyVids] Faye Taylor - Molicare diaper rewetting peeing nylons


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I’m in a cozy bedroom with a very bulky crotch I’m wearing a skimpy pink top, a pair of black tights, and under my tights is a crinkly ID Slip. As I stand next to the bed and strike some cheeky poses, you can see just how padded and filled out I look around the crotch area Everything feels so pressing and tight, and it soon becomes clear why…I roll down my tights and unstrap my ID Slip to reveal something else underneath…a soggy blue Molicare! No wonder I looked so padded, with this wet hidden layer I strike some more cheeky poses, and to my delight, I can feel my bladder starting to stir again I spread my legs and place my hands on my bare thighs for support, and then I allow a warm stream to spill into my Molicare! You can see the plastic expanding as it takes on even more moisture, and I get a huge thrill from knowing that it was already wet to begin with, and is now being made even soggier When I’m finally satisfied, I put the ID Slip back on over the top of the Molicare, and to finish things off I roll my tights back up! This feels so good. Everything is even bulkier and wetter than it was before, Size: 1009.24 MB

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