[ManyVids] GoddessFreyaBBW - Girlfriend Agrees To Gain For You


Download [ManyVids] GoddessFreyaBBW - Girlfriend Agrees To Gain For You
You had a nervewracking conversation with your girlfriend the other night; you ended up completely sharing all your feelings about your love for bigger girls. It felt so good, to be honest with your feelings and desires finally. But it felt even better to have her respond so positively. In fact, she's not only totally cool with it, but she's also actually down to gain! In fact, she feels a bit relieved, she no longer has to watch her figure and can focus on just relaxing and enjoying her food! The time to give in to her favorite treats is finally here, and she couldn't be more excited! * Clip Features: GFE, Girfriend Gaining Roleplay, Snacking, Upwards Angle, Me on all 4's, Sensual Talking, Fat Chat., Size: 466.01 MB

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