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Sigh. You’ve brought me to this, you know. I’ve had to have you institutionalized. Your obsessions and pervasive behavior are too much. I’m the only one who can sign off on you leaving. Once you’ve made a full recovery I will of course sign off on you... But those pervy ways need to be nixed. Let’s work on a few questions here to help… How many times a day do you think about sex? How often do you want to cum? How frequent are these nasty thoughts of yours anyway? Are you thinking about tits? Ass? Pussy? A girl bending over? Getting slapped? Riding your cock? You're seeing so many hallucinations while she's asking these questions... her stripping, her hairy bush, her big ass, riding a dildo... You can't stop thinking about it! It’s clear now… you may never leave this place... The nurses think you’re getting better. We can’t allow that. A pervert like you out walking in the streets! I have to make sure that you get another 6 months of our special therapy. At least. I'll write nasty things on your body and then get you to jack off on yourself!, Size: 1.15 GB

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