[ManyVids] Katy Faery - Smoke Break with Auntie Vicky Vixxx


Download [ManyVids] Katy Faery - Smoke Break with Auntie Vicky Vixxx
Young brunette beauty, Katy Faery, sits on the back porch with her fun and sexy Aunt, Vicky Vixxx. Vicky pulls out her cigarettes, “I’m glad I got to come over and hangout with you!” Vicky asks Katy if she is still not smoking cigarettes, and Katy tells her Aunt Vicky that she doesn’t smoke. She wants to keep her innocence a little. Vicky tells Katy that she needs to pick up some sort of a habit to keep herself busy.. Katy is hesitant at first, telling her Aunt that she has started making crafts, and doing other things to keep herself busy. “Like hanging out with boys?” Vicky tells Katy that everyone has to try smoking at least once in their life. Vicky tells Katy to hold the cigarette, and Katy gives Vicky a puff. Vicky tells Katy to take a puff, but Katy has no idea what she’s doing. She asks Vicky to explain to her what she’s suppose to do. Katy takes a puff, and starts to cough. Auntie Vicky starts showing Katy different tricks with the smoke, like french inhale and smoke rings. Katy tries to blow smoke rings, and she can’t exactly figure it out. Vicky asks which kind Katy likes, menthol or regular. Katy says she thinks she likes menthols. Vicky tells her niece Katy the story of how she started smoking, and they make a plan to head to the store and get regular cigarettes so Katy can try those, too. They put out the cigarette, and head off to the store., Size: 385.23 MB

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