[ManyVids] Katy Joy - Top 20 From 2020 Official Countdown


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Let's face it, most people want to put 2020 behind them and look to the future. But let's not forget the bright spots and moments we've shared together as we found pleasure through the pain. So, out of all of the videos I released in 2020 - I've put together the top 20. The votes are in, and the winners have been chosen! The list was compiled based on number sold. Ties were decided by likes and reviews. Only videos I released in 2020 were eligible to make the "Top 20 From 2020". This is the official countdown video where you can see previews of each video as it appears on the list. From 20 all the way up to number 1! Do you agree? Did your favourite video make the list? Which video would you put at number one? All 20 of the full videos are in the "Top 20 From 2020 Vid Bundle" in my store. The best of 2020 has been you and I together - let's keep it going in 2021., Size: 680.08 MB

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