Download [ManyVids] Lux Gatsby - STRIPPER TRAPPED & ENSLAVED I
WARNING: Intense emotions felt during this clip. You snatch your favorite dancer from the strip club after a previous interaction with her rejecting your sexual advances and humiliating you. Infuriated you come up with a plan and end up sneaking back in and jumping her, pressing a rag over her mouth and nose, dragging her away. You bring her back to your house where she doesn’t recognize you at first until she has flashbacks of the incident. You tell her you want her to put on a show, little does she know you’re recording the whole thing. She agrees as long as you agree to put the knife down. First she agrees to begin by putting her panties in her mouth and using the vibrator you gave her. Then hard and throbbing you take her chubby, swollen, dripping pussy, slamming it in balls deep as she fights the urge to squirm out of your grasp., Size: 669.19 MB

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