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You always knew your girlfriend was a little minx. What you didn't know was that she was a sadist, and manipulative. This manipulatrix manipulates you into 'proving your love for her' by getting you to hurt yourself. Today, she wants you to get hard before the fun starts. She teases you with her body, but never quite shows anything. She promises so much if only you do this for her. She encourages you to get some hot sauce, and jack off with it. It burns you, but as she smiles at you, you continue. After that, she wants you to get some toothpaste and rub it into your balls. Your cock still burns and stings, while your balls feel like they're gonna freeze off. She encourages you to jack off with the the hot sauce and fondle your balls until you come. In the end? It's not enough for her, and all those sweet promises get pushed off until the next task..., Size: 729.92 MB

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