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Custom Script: "You are tied up to your couch like in the pic below, head down with your strobing lights beside you on each side and the metronome on 60 beside you on a table. You slowly awaken to find yourself tied up and feeling weak, and you try to break free. A voice starts to talk to you "oh, your awake, good you are just in time for your reprogramming. Now relax and let the lights take over you." You ask him who he is and what he has done to you, and you resist looking at the lights and shut your eyes. Still, the metronome tick is too relaxing, and you slowly let go and open your eyes and fall into a trance (stare straight forward and let the lights flash on the sides of your face) (say things like the tick it's so relaxing and mesmerizing I can't resist I must give in). You continue to let the lights flash on you for 30 seconds, then "Good. You are now my spy slave, is that understood?" "Understood" "You will obey me and my henchmen understood?" "Understood" "Good, I have an assignment for you. You will be sent on a mission, hahaha, but first, we need to test you out! "Yes, master Jason understood." Now it's the next scene you are standing at attention and head down waiting for orders. "As you can see, henchmen, she is under our complete control would anyone like a demonstration?" "Oh, that's a good idea." The metronome starts playing at 80. Your head slowly rises, and you open your eyes and standing still for 3 seconds. Then, you put your hands on your waist and start dancing to the metronome swaying your hips back and forth with a mindless face(dance like in the pics below) for 2 min. "Joi," Your face becomes triggered you start to smile evil and give everyone watching you a joi but still swaying your hips hands-on waist first for 1 min(turn around 1 time and dance), then do your regular joi hand movement for another min(unzip your jacket in the middle and add 2 freezes unfreeze scenes). The metronome stops, and you are frozen in place, now my slave goes, get changed into the outfit I have prepared for you "yes, master Jason." You walk to the right and return in your bodysuit and pants with the leopard bra instead with black heels and stand at attention and wait for your master's orders. "Now do what you did just now, slave!" "Yes, Master Jason." You turn the metronome back on 80 and start to dance with your hands on your waist while telling your masters to stroke in a mindless face(add 1 freeze unfreeze scenes) for 1 min then evil face again but this time dance while rubbing your body all over for another min(add 1 freeze unfreeze scene). "Ok, slave, now it's time for you to make me cum!" "Yes, Master Jason." You turn the metronome to 120 and go to your master and play with his cock by rubbing it on your tits and stomach, then stroke him to the beat for 1 min until he cums and let him cum on your hand(fake cum), and your orgasm when he cums. "Oh, slave, that felt s...

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