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Pizza. I have a love/hate relationship with it. As much as I love going out and eating a delicious cheese packed doughy slice, or whole ie, I always have to suffer the consequences after. You had no idea what the pizza and that gluten laden crust would do to me. We get back to my house and are relaxing on the couch enjoying the feeling of full bellies when it hits me. The GAS! I have to fart so bad that, even though we just started dating, I have to rip one through my too tight jeans! I think that if I just let all these farts out, maybe I will feel better, and I start to realize, since you don't run screaming from my home, that you kind of like them, these smelly, juicy, loud farts! I mean, I fart so hard my jeans even unsnapped! I am totally blaming all that fresh cheese an gluten for my butt rumbles and boisterous flatulence! At least you'll stick around, maybe, to go on another date? Be right back... I have to change my pants..., Size: 592.23 MB

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