[ManyVids] Pastel Goddess - Captain Pastel Becomes a Supervillain


Download [ManyVids] Pastel Goddess - Captain Pastel Becomes a Supervillain
-Custom Clip- This three part superhero clip centers around Captain Pastel, a gassy superhero who uses the power of fart, and her descent into villainy as she grows tired of the Justice League constantly not taking her seriously and being mean. In part 1, Captain Pastel has victoriously infiltrated Lex Luthor's lair, placing all of his henchmen under her gassy mind possession to help her enter authorized areas and slip through unscathed. Her farts propelled her with a swift speed to hover through corridors. She boasts that arresting Lex Luthor was rather easy. She wonders where Superman, Wonder Woman and the others are. What kind of real superheroes could take so long? She continues to fart throughout her monologue, boasting that her powers are truly deserving of recognition. It was so easy to subdue the notorious Luthor after all! At the end, she takes a bite of a cupcake sitting on Luthor's desk as a victory treat. It ends up having a dizzying effect on Pastel that causes her to collapse to the ground. In part 2, Captain Pastel wakes up in a cell. The POV this time is Wonder Woman. Also detained off camera is Superman, who fell victim to Captain Pastel's gas after Luthor laced the cupcakes with kryptonite and fart pills, which made her uncontrollably gassy and made Superman breathe in kryptonite. Captain Pastel knows Wonder Woman would do anything to save Superman, so she tells her that she must swallow all of her toxic kryptonite farts so that Superman can survive. Pastel admits that she takes a bit of pleasure is using Wonder Woman as a fart inhaler since she was always bullying her over her weight and her farts which she didn't believe to be a real superpower. Look how the tables have turned! Captain Pastel unleashes dozens of wet and toxic farts right into Wonder Woman until they eventually end her, and Superman too. In part 3, the hero-turned-villain Miss Noxious has newly joined the Legion of Doom and reveals herself in front of the Justice League. In a grandiose display of gas, she puts the entire audience in a trance with her farts, denouncing the newly departed Wonder Woman and Superman for being the frauds and bullies they were. No one would accept her for her gassy powers and her size, so now it's time for all of them to pay. She spins and twirls while farting and filling the room with her mind bending fumes until she has to take a big dump, and she will be using your cape as her toilet paper. She announces her new reign over the entire world. Miss Noxious will be known far and wide as the most notorious super villain of them all!, Size: 2.37 GB

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