[ManyVids] UkCuteGirl - Given To Zoe Page As Her Subby Present


Download [ManyVids] UkCuteGirl - Given To Zoe Page As Her Subby Present
Zoe comes in the room to find me in metal cuffs waiting for her. When she enters I explain that her husband has given me to her for the whole weekend as her birthday present to do with as she pleases. I am so excited as I have never had her to myself before without her husband.  We reminisce about all the really naughty stuff we have done in the past. How she put huge butt plugs in me and fucked every one of my holes. Even the public kink we have done. She tells me to straddle her after she take off my cuffs, gently kisses and touches me then tells me to take off my bra. Excited and ready for my dominatrix's first order she tells me to get off of her so she can cuff me again and put a collar on me to symbolise her owning me. She orders me to get her in the mood by  crawling around her telling her a story of the kinkiest and dirtiest things that we have ever done. I start by describing the time she and her husband double penetrated me and used me on their wedding night! Next she orders me to kiss and clean her boots with my tongue whilst I tell her another story. I reminisce a story about when we were on the hotel roof and she made me came over and over! As its her birthday she tells me I have to sing happy birthday to her as she canes my feet. It hurts, I can't sing and sound awful so she cuffs my wrists to my ankles spreads my legs wide and touches me to make my pussy tingle! Finally she orders me to bend over while she fucks me with a strapon and films it to send to her husband!!!!, Size: 1.48 GB

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