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Lexi Land has always been a bit crazy, but she’s finally ended up in the loony bin. Locked away in a padded room and bound in a straight jacket she has nothing to do but bounce off padded walls all day. But Doctor Jover enters, and he says he’s got a very special medication for her. It’s the only way she’s going to see daylight again, otherwise she can tell her freedom goodbye. She needs to be compliant, he strips naked in front of her. She knows the drill, she starts sucking his limp dick. It gets hard in her mouth as she works it with her mouth. He grabs her head and fucks her face, she suggests letting her out of her jacket so Lexi can use her hands. Dr. Jover thinks that’s a pretty great idea, once free she jerks his pecker and continues giving a blowjob. She is crazy so every once in a while she clamps down biting him or dragging her teeth across his precious foreskin. Crazy Lexi gets more aggressive with her Doctor, she begins to chew on his balls. She’s really curious if she could bite a testicle clean off. He really should have read her chart before putting his penis in the mouth of a known biter. He regrets the decisions that led him to this moment. He offers to help put her in her straight jacket but can’t help but pull down her bra first, so he can touch her perky all natural tits. She takes the opportunity to take control of the situation. She kicks him in the balls. Inflicting pain until finally Jover just needs to lie down, but she doesn’t let up and continues stomping on her testicles. Now that Lexi has her Doctor on the ground and begging for mercy she presses her advantage. Letting him know how sad, worthless and small his penis really is. She strokes his cock with one hand, it’s really more tugging than stroking. With every pull of the penis she knees him in the nuts. The sound of her knee impacting with his soft testicles is one he’ll never forget. She stops with the knees, giving him a proper hand job, and then punches his sack. She continues like that jerking and punching. She’s full of sarcasm as she tells the Doctor how horny she is and how much she likes fucking the people in charge of her medical care. The people that think they have power over her. Tonight she’s taking the power back. Because she’s in control and her Doctor knows it as much as she does, Lexi decides to let him cum. To give him a moment in his life where he gets so much pleasure and yet feels helpless to a crazy woman in a mental institution. She jerks him trying to make him jizz and when he gets really close she denies it, punching him full strength in the nuts. Finally, after lots of build up she lets him jerk his dick and cum all over her bare feet. It might be the best orgasm he’s ever had and she follows all that ecstasy with a swift kick., Size: 254.48 MB

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