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Brock finishes his freshman semester at Sindale University and his agreed to have him stay with his father during summer vacation. His father recently remarried and his Stepmother name is Donna. She tries her best to make Brock feel comfortable around the house but he dislikes her. He refuses to accept her as his stepmother, but things began to change during his vacation. Brock mistakenly walked in on Donna while she was taking a bath and saw her completely naked. Since then its been completely awkward between the two but Donna notices that Brock can't stop looking at her. Not too long afterwards, Brock gets into a heated argument with his father. He eventually leaves the dinner table and walks into the bathroom to calm himself down. Suddenly Donna follows into the bathroom behind Brock. She reveals that he has been secretly watching her while she was napping, lusting for her. She pulls down his pants and begin to show him what its like to fuck his stepmother., Size: 880.99 MB

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