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I keep my personal slave locked up in chastity 24/7. On the days where I let him out, I make sure he knows that he's just my toy. I put him in a leather hood, gag his mouth with an inflatable latex gag, and lead him into my sleepsack, where I zip, lace, and strap him in snugly, exposing his cock and balls for my entertainment. When I finally let him out, I tease and taunt him with my ass in his face and my spit on his balls, lightly running my fingers over his happily free and hard cock. Of course, freedom is only temporary – I proceed to tie up his cock and balls in bondage, squeezing, pulling, and scratching every single sensitive bit before attaching electrodes to his cock head and his balls and mummifying the entire thing in cling film to make sure it stays secure. I turn on my ErosTek and watch him squirm, laughing that he can't feel my hands running over his cock nor can he smell my ass right in front of his face. Who knows how long I'll leave him in bondage for..., Size:

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