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Only Gold Digger, part of the Only3x Network presents Nilla Black in "Gorgeous Nilla Black does anything for the money" Its a sunny day in Tenerife and Gold Digger NILLA BLACK is waiting in the sunshine for some dudes to pick her up in a Ferrari. These are the kind of cars she likes and the men who drive them have plenty of money to burn. NILLA has fake tits and the kind of look that says "Gold digger" written across her face ! Along comes our stud, CHAD, who is perspiring with the heat. He drops on the bench beside NILLA - much to her disgust - and says he must have a . While jabbering away he fails to see that he is opening his can of juice in her direction. The lager spurts all over NILLA, ruining her top and pants. She is furious with this asshole. CHAD tries to calm her down and points out that he lives nearby and it is a simple job to pop NILLA`s clothes into his washing machine and dryer. He is deeply apologetic. Since she can`t be seen with her Ferrari friends all wet and stinking of juice, NILLA agrees to go along with him, but she is still suspicious. Her suspicions change when she sees the house and we find the couple in its huge open-plan modern kitchen. She is now in a towel while her clothes are getting cleaned. She apologises to CHAD for being so bitchy earlier and he is similarly apologetic for messing up her clothes and her day. These pleasantries lead inevitably to sex... CHAD has chosen a hot Gold Digger this time, a girl who also adores backdoor sex and likes nothing better than slobbering over a fat cock stuffed down her throat after it has just wrecked her asshole ! The scene begins with an extremely sloppy blowjob as CHAD does his favourite thing of seeing if he can make the bitch on his manmeat. NILLA likes big dick or seems to and she loves spitting all over his cock and licking on the drool after it has been shoved down her throat. She is also a great cock sucker and can deep throat! The couple do reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy and a doggy standing position with both vaginal and anal sex. CHAD likes to fuck her hard, ramming his dick from behind and slamming the slut hard while she moans with delight. Every anal position is followed or includes more ass-to-mouth as NILLA sucks and slurps up the juices from her Hershe Highway. Finally he is banging her hard in anal missionary, a position that always makes CHAD want to cum as he can slam his meat into a bitch while doing her nasty asshole. Eventually he can hold back no more and pulls out to shoot a massive load of white hot cum all over her big fake tits. Its after the fuck that CHAD admits he is just a service guy working in the house while the owner is away.. He explains that Gold Diggers like NILLA normally ignore poor and ordinary dudes like him. When NILLA asks what she is supposed to do CHAD tells her - "Go back to the street baby!" Photos,Movies,Updates,Babe,Blowjobs,Brunette,D...

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