SerephDoll [ManyVids] - Never Tasted Sweeter


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In this new mesmerize clip Sereph uses her powers to lull you into a deep state of relaxation. Follow her breathing instructions to get yourself nice and deep. 7, 4, 8. Follow her every move. You find yourself obeying and doing as she says. She uses a everyday item as a visceral sensation to trigger your fall down. She counts down and you can taste what she tastes. You can see what she can see. You find yourself deeper than you ever have. Finally the true game begins. This is a game of pleasure. You must obey. You love obeying. Fall harder. She takes you down again. All sense of self has been lost and you are there, with her, in this magical world of pleasure and sensation. You will complete this journey and come back ready for more. **THIS CLIP DOES NOT REQUIRE OR INCLUDE ANY FORM OF FINDOM**, Size:

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