SinnSage [ManyVids] - Doomed To Eternity Forever


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Sheena Rose is excited to find the ice diamond because she will be the most powerful woman in the whole world. The slightest touch will freeze an enemy for eternity. Putting on black gloves, she's cocky she can get away with her evil plan. Iron Girl (Sinn Sage) walks up and Sheena drops it to the floor for her to grab. As she bends over with her big ass in the air, she's frozen like a statue. Sheena gloats about her victory over this fallen superheroine. Hannah Perez sneaks in and blows her icy breath on Sheena, causing her to be frozen as well. Confused by her friend's predicament, she grabs Sheena's hair and punches her to heat up her particles and reactivate her. The arrogant villain answers Hannah's request to know what is going on by throwing the diamond into her hands. Hannah goes stiff and Sheena repositions humiliated heroines in embarrassing positions. Gloating, she gives the diamond a big kiss and all three are stuck forever. OTHER KEYWORDS- supervillains, superheroines, freeze fetish, erotic magic, magic control, role playing, roleplaying, female domination, femdom, glove fetish, leotard fetish, thong fetish, brat girls, arrogant woman, ass fetish, ass worship, big butts, pawg, white booty, whooty, boots, boot fetish, brunettes This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me!, Size:

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