Wildeva [ManyVids] - Pretending to have my feet tickled


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When you sit on the floor, barefoot in front of the camera, the best thing to do is just imagine someone is tickling your bare feet right now. You might imagine somebody is really touching your soles with their index finger. Soon, the scratching and tickling sensation goes up to the brain and you may start laughing and giggling and moaning. Your foot will twirl around and toes will curl. Your soles start wrinkling and you cannot help laughing. Just like the real thing. RELEVANT KEYWORDS: foot tickling, ticklish feet, index finger, index fingernail scratching, tickling the sole, barefoot, barefeet, foot twirls, toes curl, curling toes, tickle technique, girl sole, moan and giggle, WildEva, wrinkled soles, Size:

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